Himêya Life Himêya Life
Himêya Life Himêya Life

Ethically sourced from farm to home

Himêya Life Himêya Life

A philosophy for the better...

Himêya Life Himêya Life

Night Owl or Early Bird? A quiz to test your chronotype



From Farm to Home
Our Roots
Himêya Life
Sounds of Himêya - Volume I An original soundtrack: to sleep, live and be better.

Rest better. Be Better.
Live Better.

Our Philosophy


Sleep to dream.
Himêya seeks to refocus attention on matters that impact our well-being — reposeful slumber, an invigorating bath, and a space to recharge oneself. From concept to design, detail and finish, Creative Director Akanksha Himatsingka is committed to creating with care for individual and collective environments. Made in India with universal appeal, each collection imbibes nuanced textures, earthy hues and patterns inspired by organic forms. Our process respects the purity and beauty of every fiber involved.

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