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At Home With… Rina Singh

At Home With… Rina Singh

At Home With… Rina Singh

As we adjust to the challenges of life during a pandemic, being in touch with dear friends is paramount.  

Rina Singh – the creative force behind Eka, an apparel label drawn to natural fibers and traditional techniques — collaborated with us last year on Himêya’s launch collection.

Below, her musings on finding peace within the chaos of today:

How does it feel to be spending unexpected time at home?
I’m enjoying my time at home. This has been such a shock though, leaving several unanswered questions about the future. There’s a lot of contemplation… home and family have become more important.

Are you staying productive?
I start my day with a list of what I need to do for the household and work… it’s not just work from home, but work for the home. For Eka, we’re communicating and assessing the situation. I have unadulterated time to think about new seasons, brand architecture and philosophy.


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What do you think the impact of the Coronavirus will be on fashion?
It will be a time of correction. How we’re going to look at fashion now will be more need-based, rather than just a product meant for good times.

What do you think will be its long-term impact on our way of life?
We have no clarity on how long this is going to last, or what we’re going to be like when we come out of this.


“Are we looking at a new order? Are we going to redefine ourselves? I think we will see a change for the better in how we consume the world’s limited resources and lead meaningful lives.”

Tips for adapting your personal space?
I am contemplating a bedroom workstation. It would be nice to have a space that’s more liveable, workable, comfortable. Also, a little more room for yoga.


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How are you keeping your immunity up?
We make a concoction with ginger, basil, cardamom, black peppercorn and sauf. Boil, add lemon and honey, and drink first thing in the morning. More amla and Vitamin C too.

What books or shows are you enjoying?
I don’t watch much TV, but I always have books around the house to be inspired by – on cooking, art, music, textiles, autobiographies, and more. One I’m reading right now is Celestial Bodies, by Jokha.

And you’ve always enjoyed time in nature… 
I love my walks – they’re my time to reflect. There’s so much going on in our subconscious that we’re never able to examine or absorb.

“When you’re out in nature, thoughts come to the conscious mind and you start attending to them organically. It’s like detoxifying your mindspace.”



You design for comfort. Why is this important?
With all our current environmental stressors, clothing shouldn’t be another. Clothing is essential – it touches your skin, a direct interaction with material. Natural materials add so much value – they’re breathable and have a lifespan of forever. There are no seasons or trends with comfort clothing. Just like breathing, my clothing is a second skin.

It’s been a year since you collaborated with Himêya. Your thoughts on better rest?
The speed of life in the past few years has been so high; we’ve been given much-needed time now to cease and reflect. Rest, comfort, breathing – these are all elements we need. We shouldn’t look for peace outside, but within – that’s the most important thing now, and going forward.

Images courtesy Rina Singh