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In Bed With… Annika Fernando

In Bed With… Annika Fernando

In Bed With… Annika Fernando

This month, we veer off India’s coastline to catch up with the lovely Annika Fernando, a multifaceted designer-entrepreneur from Colombo. One of Sri Lanka’s most sought after interior designers, she’s also the founder of concept store PR, and a director at the iconic Paradise Road Group of Companies:


What keeps you awake at night?
A busy mind planning. Occasionally, my husband’s snoring and our Bull Mastiff sleeping against our bedroom door!

What gets you out of bed every morning?
The next day; I’m a morning person. On weekends it’s my hungry son, wishing for waffles. 

Photo credit: Ryan Wijayaratne & Jonathan Wijayaratne

Most mornings begin with…
A glass of hot water with lemon and honey. 

Your ideal Sunday?
If I spend my Sunday in the sea and enjoy natural Vitamin D, my whole week is energised. I also love playing board games and cards. Quality time. 

Photo credit: Ryan Wijayaratne & Jonathan Wijayaratne

“I’m blessed to say I have a few favourite spaces at home. My kitchen is open plan in our family room, which is the hub of the home – I love lounging there. I also love our bedroom.”

What are traits that distinguish a space you create? How do these translate in your personal spaces?
When I design for my clients, it’s much simpler. My job is to reflect their life and needs in my work. I find it difficult to design my own spaces, as I want to change them all the time. A common factor however, would be a sense of warmth and comfort, timelessness and understated elegance. 

Baillie Street Merchants, interiors by Annika Fernando Design


How do you keep your approach to curation for PR fresh?
This is a very organic process. As my mood changes I evolve, and so does PR. The new collections and products by designers I work with, and of my own label, Maus, keep the offering fresh. I like to change things around, and do most of the visual merchandising myself. 

A product from your store you’d wear or use everyday?
I live in my Maus Organic comfortwear, and I use the PR natural face moisturizer everyday. 

What aspects of your lifestyle do you attribute to being typically Sri Lankan?
A luxury which I now appreciate is the spontaneity we enjoy in Sri Lanka. With short distances, we can be at a beach in under an hour, and enjoy the cooler tea country in four hours. As a result, we enjoy a relaxed lifestyle which I value. We smile a lot here, often even when we shouldn’t! 

Kûmû Beach, interiors by Annika Fernando Design

“I try to lead a life with positive impact, live with intention, and relax amidst the stresses of life.”

What is it about Sri Lanka that inspires rest and relaxation?
I’m a beach bum, happiest by the sea. We are a small island with so much to offer – If you travel smart, you can enjoy the country without the stress of traffic. Whether you are doing yoga by the beach, lounging at a tea bungalow, or sailing on the seas… Sri Lanka is a blessed nation with natural beauty that I hope lives on. When people come here, the country gets in their veins and they always want to return. Happy memories, smiling faces inspire rest and relaxation.

Photo credit: Ryan Wijayaratne & Jonathan Wijayaratne