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In Bed With… Elton J Fernandez

In Bed With… Elton J Fernandez

In Bed With… Elton J Fernandez

 Between running India’s first YouTube beauty channel and a profession as hair / makeup artist for high profile clientele, Elton J Fernandez gets his fair share of sleep and sunlight – two essentials for survival in his line of work. His cozy Mumbai apartment is his refuge, especially at night when he unwinds by filing his nails or preparing for sleep.

Below, he talks bed boundaries, objects on his bedside table (Kailas Jeevan multipurpose Ayurvedic cream, for one) and midnight karaoke:

Sleep – an essential or indulgence?
An absolute essential. I can’t function, and get cranky without sleep and food.

Minimum number of hours to feel rested?
I prefer 10 hours but only get six if I’m working and eight if I’m not.

Most mornings begin at…
11.30am when I’m not working, 10.30am if I am. I don’t like being disturbed till I wake up to my alarm or the doorbell.

Your mood on most mornings?
Fairly sprightly and positive.

In Bed With… Elton J Fernandez

Feature image credit: Wordrob, remaining courtesy Elton J Fernandez

Objects on your bedside table:
I’ve got three different moisturisers, face serum, Q-tips, skincare samples, perfumes and body mists, hair brushes, a jewelry stand, candles, essential oils, a diffuser, Kailas Jeevan Ayurvedic cream, Good Earth’s Coco Loco virgin coconut body oil, contact lenses and my daily pills. I’ve also got two cans of pepper spray… just in case.

Daily beauty routine:
Every morning, I have a shower, wash my face, use one of my moisturisers and spray perfume. Then, mattifying sunscreen and makeup.

At night, I shower and moisturise again, and sometimes use a face mask. Followed by two coats of Kailas Jeevan, which I love, all over my face. It’s an Ayurvedic cream that you can ingest, apply on a wound… anywhere! 

Favourite bedroom feature?
Sunlight. I like darkness when I’m sleeping, but when I open up my blackout blinds and balcony door, I love feeling that hit of morning light.

Do’s and don’ts of making your bed…
I don’t like things being out of place and need my bed to be neat and tidy in clean geometric lines. Everybody has off moments, including me, but for 27/31 days in a month, my bed is tidy.

“Sunlight. I like darkness when I’m sleeping, but when I open up my blackout blinds and balcony door, I love feeling that hit of morning light.”

 Bedroom pet peeves:
I hate people getting into my bed without taking a shower. I feel really disgusted by it. Even if someone’s spending the night and thinks they’re clean, I need to see them taking a shower and then they’re welcome in my bed. I also don’t like oily hair on my pillow case. 

Favourite activity in bed?

Bedroom attire…
My cotton house robe in paisley prints and secondary colours. Made with very soft cotton, it’s light and perfect for a city like Mumbai.

The most comfortable bed you’ve ever slept on:
Hotel beds. But I recently bought myself a new memory foam mattress after 16 years and I’ve been sleeping very well.

What keeps you up at night?
I’m most active at night because I like the quiet. I’m usually just doing silly things like singing and recording myself doing karaoke, cleaning the house or filing my nails.

Favourite midnight snack…
I used to love ice cream and kulfi but I’ve recently cut down on dairy. Now, I enjoy eating biscuits, pomegranates or grapes, soup or chips. I love making myself tea or samahan. I’m quite an Aunty!