A Lived-in Bed: Comfortable & No Fuss

 Statistically, humans spend a third of their lives in bed. On average, that is nearly 26 years of one’s life. Naturally, the bedroom plays a big role in how we prioritise rest and sleep. Research and personal experience shows that when one wakes up refreshed and relaxed after a good night’s sleep, the day is already off to a great start. With rising stress levels, mental health difficulties and screens taking over our lives, it’s easy to identify the subsequent rise of sleep disorders and rampant sleep deprivation across age groups. At the same time, there is growing awareness about the benefits of making sleep a priority, and at the forefront of the pursuit for better sleep is the bedroom – your sanctuary after a long and tiring day.

Life’s short, and with all that we have going on in our lives, we can’t help but ask, “Why spend time fussing over a made up bed?”

At Himéya, our mantra is Rest Better. Live Better. Be Better. We believe that rest is powerful, restorative, and nurturing, and that being well rested goes hand in hand with the agility of mind and body. We are certain that if we were to refocus priorities on sleeping better, we’d be happier, healthier people. This is why we advocate that bedding need not be ironed or fussed over; a lived-in look will not only make your bedroom cozy and inviting but also save you time and mindspace to do other things you love.

Why have a naturally creased and lived-in look versus a crisp ironed bed? The answer is simple and two-fold: it is an aesthetic choice, one that allows for natural textures, a preference many of us are finding with fashion. A natural, lived-in look is also slowly becoming a preferred lifestyle choice by many. It’s no surprise that an increasing number of brands recommend creating creases by twisting freshly washed linen sheets before putting them in the dryer, or drying them on the clothes line ~ the old-school way.

A Lived-in Bed: Comfortable & No Fuss

“A natural, lived-in look is slowly becoming a preferred lifestyle choice by many.”

Our products are designed to encourage restful sleep. We believe that if you know how your bedding is made, it will lend new meaning to the definition of a ‘well made bed’. Our fitted sheets combined with percale or sateen pillowcases in neutrals and prints are perfect for that just-out-of-bed look. Add to that soft peached quilts, and you have the fastest solution to comfortable and restful sleep. Our bedding is made from the softest natural sustainable cotton, constructed in a way that the weave structures ease out with every wash. The more you use, the softer it feels.

Good sleep has never been easier!


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