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Have You Tried These Therapeutic Bathing Rituals?

Have You Tried These Therapeutic Bathing Rituals?

Have You Tried These Therapeutic Bathing Rituals?


At all times, but especially in the summer, a ritual we look forward to is a refreshing bath. Along with the opportunity to sing in the shower and being a conduit for when that big idea strikes, few daily habits offer tranquillity and reinvigoration in equal measure. In fact, in ancient cultures across the world, bathing rituals have signified much more than removing dirt and impurities from the body. 


With symbolism as magical as to be equated with a cleansing of the spirit, we thought it apt this season to pay tribute to the therapeutic power of bath time:





A flower bath is a common practice in Bali. While undoubtedly a glorious way to relax in the company of flora, it is actually an expression of Bali’s Hindu rituals and traditions.


It represents a way to cleanse the spiritual and physical body and purify it from any negative energy. At Bali, you can find your tub full of petals, herbs and essential oils.


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People from all around the globe travel to embrace the Japanese bath for its restorative nature. The word ‘onsen’ literally translates to hot springs and Japan, with its high volcanic activity, provides a cornucopia.


What makes a Japanese onsen special? Its water is filled with natural minerals that help flush out toxins, aid in muscle relaxation and improve circulation.


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The Turkish bath or ‘Hammam’ is an adaptation of the famous Roman bath in terms of tradition as well as architecture. During the Ottoman period, these baths were open to the public. Traditionally, they have quite a humid environment where the temperature is constantly high.


The steam along with the warm environment helps the body and muscles to relax. It cleanses one of any dead skin and dirt by facilitating the opening of pores.


‘Tellaks’ or masseurs are found in a Hammam and they provide traditional massage services for those who come to bathe.


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Ayurveda is an alternative medicine system with deep roots in India, considered one of the world's oldest and most holistic. 


The simple act of bathing has been accorded the status of a sacred and healing ritual in India, and Ayurveda at its core believes in a balance of mind, body and soul. Focused on the belief that everyone falls into one of three spiritual categories known as doshas – Kapha, Pitta and Vata – an ayurvedic bath is all about bringing an off-kilter dosha back into balance. These therapeutic baths contain milk, rose petals, honey and turmeric and is preceded by a warm luxurious oil massage.


It is usually concluded with skin treatments involving fragrant floral waters with the addition of herbal pastes to ensure muscle relaxation, moisturised tissues and unclogged pores. Generally, a morning bath is considered an important part of the Ayurvedic routine.


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