In Bed With… Ashiesh Shah

Ashiesh Shah has a talent for making interior design and architecture appear effortless. His home is every indication: of his taste that spans centuries and continents and a love for geometry, materiality and the Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy. 

Despite being one of India’s biggest names in his field, Ashiesh strikes a balance in his personal life that appeals equally. In our latest In Bed With feature,  he shares thoughts on decluttering, stillness and a fresh way of styling our Played Plaid pillowcases in soft pink:

Your version of counting sheep…
The Sounds of Himeya soundtrack 

Objects on your bedside table
Two copper water jugs, the Hanuman Chalisa, moisturiser, and calming balm

What gets you out of bed every morning?

In Bed With… Ashiesh Shah

 Photo credit: Rema Chaudhary

Your mood on most mornings?

Describe your dream bed…
Any place that makes me feel rested and safe.

Nighttime routine
Take a hot shower, get into my jhabho lengho (kurta pyjamas), and listen to music as I fall asleep. 

Night owl or early bird?
Early bird!


In Bed With… Ashiesh Shah

  Photo credit: Rema Chaudhary

 The minimum number of hours of sleep you need to feel rested…
For me, it’s more about the quality of sleep than the number of hours.

Bed cover vs. the slept in look? Ironed sheets or wrinkled?
I prefer a bed cover, and ironed sheets.

Favourite bedroom feature
The eastern rays, seeping through the floor to ceiling windows, illuminating my apartment entirely.

In Bed With… Ashiesh Shah

 Photo credit: Rema Chaudhary

“I like using comfortable, organic skin-friendly linens, preferably lighter neutral colours. I enjoy firmness in my pillows and mattress. And I like my bed to be uncluttered.”

Best tip for a good night’s sleep?
A hot shower before getting into bed!

The most comfortable bed you’ve ever slept on?
The bed I slept in while growing up in my parent’s home. The nostalgia it brings is irreplaceable.

Where do you go to rejuvenate?
I go within.

How do new ideas come to you? 
As you grow, it is essential to declutter your mind and create space for new ideas.

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