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Bedroom Magic: The Mindful Mix & Match

Bedroom Magic: The Mindful Mix & Match

Bedroom Magic: The Mindful Mix & Match

Amidst brimful schedules, home is the sanctuary we can’t wait to return to. We look to our bedrooms as a space for solitude and rejuvenation, and the bed, an invitation to rest and dream.

Minimalist, maximalist or something in between? We’ve decided to embrace dualities within our aesthetic preferences, underscored always with utility as priority. Enjoy our mix and match tips below, the perfect excuse to stay in bed longer:

Our love for an easy FIT

Himatsingka’s special StayFit technology for fitted sheets makes bed making an easy chore every morning. Available in subtle solids, layered with an all-around elastic to hold the sheet firmly onto the mattress pad. Pair it with our printed pillows (available as Open Stock), and combine with our soft button closure duvets. Soft on the skin and cosier with every wash — we believe a well-made bed facilitates better rest!

Bedroom Magic: The Mindful Mix & Match

LAYER solids with prints

When in the mood to experiment and try something new, we recommend adding prints as a layer to a solid bed. We like solid sheets in either fitted or flat style, layered with a pair of printed pillowcases in florals or stripes. And if you sleep with four pillowcases (which we absolutely recommend), then it’s best to contrast with a pair of solids and prints each!


STRIPES for all seasons

Nearly every print we can think of contrasts well with the linear quality of stripes. Whether it’s our Played Plaids or more subdued lines like in our Striped Ways or Wave Stripe pillowcases, the compatibility is instant.

 Bedroom Magic: The Mindful Mix & Match

THREE’s company

According to The Spruce, size matters. A concept worth experimenting with is scale, choosing ‘patterns in three different scales, allowing one pattern to dominate’.

Bedroom Magic: The Mindful Mix & Match

“Every person has their own COLOUR”

Stated famously by Haruki Murakami in ‘Colourless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage’,  we encourage you to choose a palette that speaks directly to your personality. Adventurous sleepers will seek ways to make different elements work: pick two patterns of the same colour or colours that blend well. Layer patterns with a unifying element of colour to create the perfect lived-in look.


SQUARE peg or a ROUND hole

Inspired by the innate harmony and geometry found in nature, our bold Moving Motif and Geo Flora sets make bedrooms more dynamic, especially if combined with a touch of solids or stripes.

We say – Have fun and don’t overthink it! Watch this space for more bedding styling tips and tricks from Himêya.