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In Bed With… Gauri Devidayal

In Bed With… Gauri Devidayal

In Bed With… Gauri Devidayal


As co-founder of Mumbai’s The Table, Magazine Street Kitchen, Miss T, Mei 13, Iktara and Toppings, Gauri Devidayal’s serene expression belies the monumental effort she pours into her diversified culinary offering. 

We’ve watched her power through as a frontrunner of the city’s farm-to-table initiatives and make it to GQ’s list of 50 most influential young Indians. With a podcast – ThisRoundIsOnMe – to boot, we couldn’t help but beg for her secret sauce:


2021 so far...
It’s been an exciting start, first with celebrating 10 years of our first baby, The Table, followed by the launch of a new pizza delivery brand, Toppings. Now it’s time for a vacation!


 Featured (L): The Table | (R): Mei 13 

Your perspective going into the new year? As a restaurateur and mother...
Embrace the unexpected!


Projects you're most excited about this year?
I’m excited about my work everyday if I’m honest.


“This year for us is going to be about review and taking stock before we move forward.” 

What keeps you awake at night?
Not much, I sleep like a baby most days. But of course, the occasional restless nights do happen, mostly because of work.

Most mornings begin with? Are you an early riser?
I’m a super early riser and the first thing I kick off my morning with is a glass of warm water with lemon, and the newspapers.


 Featured (L): Mei 13

Favourite culinary ritual?
A big breakfast. My day just can’t start without it.

What, according to you, are the defining elements of a home kitchen and dining experience?
A great meal is incomplete without genuine, warm hospitality and good music.


 Featured (L): Mei 13 | (R) The Table


What are the objects on your bedside table? What's one pet peeve you have when it comes to your bedroom?
A bottle of water, a secret stash of dark chocolate, a book and a picture of my daughter, Dia as a newborn baby.



“My bedroom is my favourite room in the house, nothing bothers me about it!” 

Your perfect day in Alibag?
I spent a few months there at a stretch for the first time during lockdown. Dia had school and I was working from there. Our daily routine involved an early start, possibly with a quick walk or bike ride, her first class, followed by breakfast together, back to class / my work, followed by lunch together, more class / work, some time on the farm, and ending with a swim or an evening walk to the beach. We have the most incredible cook in Alibag which just makes us look forward to every meal, with occasional treat deliveries from our kitchens in Bombay.

Is your bedroom a screen-free zone? If not, what's the last film or show you watched in bed? All-time favourite food film?
Jay and I absolutely love watching movies / shows so it’s definitely not a screen free zone. I last binge watched Firefly Lane. Hard to pick just one food related favourite film. Sideways – it’s more about wine actually!


 Featured (L): Magazine Street Kitchen

Favourite nightcap?
Dark chocolate!

A culinary adventure you're looking forward to when it's safe to travel again?
I’d just love to travel again freely anywhere to be honest, but if we had to pick one place, we’re looking forward to heading to San Francisco.


Photography of Gauri at home courtesy Rema Chaudhary for Himêya