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Meaningful Ways to Connect for a Love-ly Weekend

Meaningful Ways to Connect for a Love-ly Weekend

Meaningful Ways to Connect for a Love-ly Weekend 

Galentine's, Valentine's or well, Sunday? It’s a hallmark weekend, and whichever side of Cupid’s arrow you sit, take it as a sign to get your heart rate up and fluttering. Love is a many splendored and complex thing – but we’ve got three ideas that simplify the journey to intimacy:


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They say the way to someone’s heart is through the stomach – the only caveat being how good the meal is. Master chef or not, we think cooking is one of the most fun ways to spend time with a friend, date, significant other or by yourself. If you consider yourself a novice, there are tons of recipes and food bloggers at your disposal. 

The key ingredients? Aside from a well-stocked pantry, we recommend a bottle of wine, playlist and our kitchen towels to wash up!



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“Touch has a memory.” - John Keats

‘Tis the season for massages and candlelit baths – an activity that elicits sensory elation in solitude or with company. Aromatic hand balms and body oils are essential for a home spa – we love Aesop and Kama Ayurveda – along with our absorbent bath towels that extend luxurious moments of relaxation. End your evening wrapped in a flannel throw and a feel-good film on the telly. 



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When’s the last time you had a heart-to-heart? Whether you’re due one with your best friend, partner or journal, let this weekend be a gentle nudge towards a check-in. For exceptional results, set up a cozy spot that lets the words flow.

We've deferred before to Esther Perel for relationship advice, and truly believe in her astounding insights on subjects we often find difficult to communicate. Read her books, follow her podcast or sign up for her newsletter and Intimacy Inventory. If you’re feeling stuck, use this Sunday to clear your head and realign with your best self.


Happy Valentine’s Day!