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In Bed With… Vinita Chaitanya

In Bed With… Vinita Chaitanya

In Bed With… Vinita Chaitanya

Interior designer Vinita Chaitanya’s impeccable taste lends her the ability to transform any space. It’s only natural that her Bangalore residence and holiday home in Coorg have an unmistakable warmth and character that feed off her infectious energy. 

At her home in the city, Vinita talks sleep, the pleasures of slow living on her estate and more:

Your relationship with sleep?
I’m a morning person. Sleep is an essential for me, but I never stay in bed for more than 6-8 hours. I’m in tune with my body, and know when it needs rest.

Photo credit: Rema Chaudhary

The last thing you do before turning off the lights:
I put my phone on silent and browse through Netflix before dozing off.

On your bedside table…
My phone, unfortunately. Also books, spectacles and Vaseline because I like rubbing down my hands and feet before bed.

Bedroom pet peeve:
I need my pajamas to match perfectly or I can’t sleep.

Favourite room?
The conservatory: it’s where we listen to music, watch the rain, read the morning newspaper, and have an evening drink.

“Both my homes have traditional sleigh beds with magnificent leather headboards. In Coorg, we have an enormous bed…

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Photo credit: Rema Chaudhary

… When my daughter Diya used to visit from university and it was raining outside, she’d come cuddle in bed. It was magical!”

Slow living in Coorg:
Our estate is called Slow Life and I tend to be my best self there because of the peace and quiet, organically-grown produce, and healthy eating. The lack of WiFi also makes me appreciate nature more. We watch the sunrise and the setting of the moon. 

The perfect housewarming gift?
Potted plants, chocolate or a bottle of wine. 

If you could do anything else…
I’m big on fashion, so I’d like to dabble in styling. I enjoy gardening in Coorg. Maybe I’ll grow roses someday!

Photo credit: Rema Chaudhary

“I’ve often used Himêya products for my luxury projects. I layer neutrals and colour to create drama – it always turns a place around!”

An expert tip for a well-designed bedroom:
A bed must be comforting and comfortable. Many designers like to accessorise their beds with cushions and throws, but I keep it simple. The feel of fabric against your skin is what is important.