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A Meditative Guide to Your Subconscious

A Meditative Guide to Your Subconscious

A Meditative Guide to Your Subconscious 


Arpita Bhandari is a Design Energist, Life Strategist and founder of Arpita B Design Studio. A certified Theta Healing practitioner, this modality was instrumental in helping her discover herself through real life challenges. 

Below, she elaborates on her gift of activating emotions, feelings and intuition through guided meditations, and shares a daily mantra for us to try:


Who am I? Why am I here? Why do I seek peace?

‘You’ is your MIND-BODY in the physical world, which is the conscious and the subconscious.

Your reality is only 10% of your existence and 90% of your subconscious, which predominantly develops from the age of 0-14 years. The conscious is your critical mind whereas the subconscious is your hard drive which stores all the memories, negative and positive emotions, feelings, beliefs and patterns experienced by you in your life. 



We are born carefree, fearless and malleable. As humans, we constantly want to explore, but our subject of exploration changes with time, along with the life experiences we encounter in our course of daily life. With passing time, our brain rapidly develops synaptic connections which determine how a child or adult thinks, feels, connects and acts. As we grow older, our carefree and fearless attributes are replaced with projections based on subjective childhood experiences and our inner state.

We, humans, are hardwired to think negatively over the positive experiences due to our early-age conditioning. The recurring negative patterns in our life make us live in two extremities. This creates dissension between our inner and outer self by sabotaging our present, or delving in the past. 

  • Reactive in nature: Either we feel overwhelmed with emotions and become sensitive to everything. 
  • Silent in nature: Or we disconnect ourselves with our inner being to avoid feeling any intense emotions. 

“Meditation allows us to attain a ‘state of blissfulness.’ In this space, one experiences the coalescing of the conscious and the subconscious mind. A process where we morph into our authentic self.”

We, at Arpita B Design Studio, bridge the gap between the conscious and the subconscious by identifying, evaluating and decoding the concerns which cause these extremities. To get your mind and body in harmony, we indulge in practising meditation with our clients. It is a tool that heals and connects our MIND, BODY & SOUL. In our meditative process, we make our clients access the subconscious mind through a theta brain frequency. Theta is a brainwave that has a frequency of 3.5 to 7.5 Hz classified as a “slow” activity - a state of mind between wakefulness and sleep. In this state, our clients effortlessly permeate into an introspective state to address their concerns.

We believe that our subconscious mind is a seat of intuition, inspiration, profound creativity, exceptional insights and vivid visualisations. When this is assimilated and rewired, it changes our overall perception, projection and our reaction.



Through our introspective techniques, we guide our clients in reversing complex real-life situations by understanding and eliminating the root cause of the complication from their subconscious. The clients experience a series of curated meditations which is focused on resolving the sequential concerns to get the desired end result. We work intricately through continuous monitoring and follow-ups for an effective and progressive transition. 

Being a Life Strategist for the last seven years has enabled me to devise techniques for resolving with over 500 clients today. They have seen the change and shift instantly after experiencing our unique customised process. 

Our objective is to help you heal inside out to live a healthy, fulfilling and peaceful life. To understand the role of the two most powerful life mechanisms that control your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual existence. The one thing that connects these three is the energy force, which is your life force.

We work with energy, the direct and the driving force of everything that exists. Be it the energy of the space or the energy of the mind-body. We guide you through this life-changing transformation to achieve a life-altering state.

At Arpita B Design Studio, we believe in a philosophy called “The Process of Life”. With the upheavals, uncertainties, insecurities, shame and guilt that we experience through a multitude of situations, we come to a point when the need to restore and reform ourselves becomes strong. All that we desire is to attain bliss and oneness with what exists. We help you in attaining a ‘state of bliss’ that you would have experienced as a child by elevating the feeling of being carefree and fearless.



Benefits of taking this journey with us?

  • It heals and transforms you in ways where you will rediscover and attain your highest potential.
  • It enables you to become coherent with your emotions/feelings. You learn how to regulate and express them with clarity and ease.
  • You develop a higher consciousness to cope with the constant change that you experience at work, in relationships and yourself. 
  • It allows you to thrive by being grounded at all times.
  • You learn to be grateful and appreciate the time, resources, people and overall energy that surrounds you.
  • Daily introspection makes you more aware by allowing you to heighten your intuitive abilities to get the desired results.  

Daily mantra

I truly believe the spaces we occupy are a reflection of our feelings and emotions. It is important to choose the right place while meditating in your house to expand its vibrational frequency.

Meditate with soft music. Think of one colour that allows you to express your abstract thoughts and allow it to expand all around you. Visualise a form that reflects the one thing that you would like to restructure in your life, let it grow dimensionally while you gaze at it. Let the emotions surface up from the subconscious as you meditate. Feel and embrace these emotions. Be in it. Relax. 

Once you're done, please journal your thoughts and repeat this for 21 days.


Images courtesy Arpita Bhandari. Follow Arpita B Design Studio and reach out via email for further enquiries/collaborations: