New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping

Its those first sparkling days of the New Year, and our hearts are full with the endless possibilities that come with this fresh start. The turning of a New Year is a time to reflect on how far weve come, and how much we have yet to achieve. If youre like us, youve probably set multiple resolutions over the years – some proudly accomplished and others long forgotten.

Most people set New Years resolutions, but the problem is – they dont keep them. Psychologists say that resolutions have a shelf-life of only two weeks, and research shows that only 8% of people achieve the goal theyve set. Despite the stats, were not ones to give up. Our belief for successful goal-setting is to keep it simple, measurable and meaningful. Choose a few that you really care about, and watch as the change moves from effort to habit. 

Below, some ideas we believe are worth sticking with, for 2020 and beyond:

*PRACTICE* Self-Love

Often, the most ignored person in our busy lives is ourselves. Well take the time to cheer up an upset friend, but cant bring the same compassion to our own lives. Self-love isnt just a buzzword – its a mindset thats worth cultivating, with proven benefits on mental health and stress levels. The easiest way to practice it is to become conscious of your inner dialogue – the things you repeatedly say to yourself, without even noticing. The next time you find yourself criticising your appearance or work output, take a step back and try to point out the good instead of the bad. Become your own best friend, cheerleader and motivator.

New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping

*TAKE* a Digital Detox

This isnt new information, but most of us are severely addicted to our devices. Chances are, youre probably reading this on your iPhone, in a day full of scrolling. Our digital selves are an inextricable part of our identity, but its important to stay in tune with the present moment. Set a goal that works for you  whether thats not using your phone during meals, reducing your overall screen time, or setting an Instagram curfew.

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New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping

*BE* a Better Listener

The next time you ask someone, How are you?, make an effort to really listen before you respond. Its easy to get caught up in our own storyline – but everyones lives are just as busy and complex. The basis for all learning and growth comes from curiously and consciously listening to others. Listening allows us to expand our world view, gain new information and experience things we never have before.

New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping

*MINIMISE* Waste: Buy Sustainably

At Himêya, were committed to sustainable, conscious manufacturing, in line with a shift towards conscious buying. As cohabitants of planet Earth during this tumultuous period of climate change, its more important than ever to be environmentally responsible. Choose to buy only the essentials, reduce fast-fashion purchases, or set in place a recycling system at home – every bit counts towards our collective human goal.

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New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping


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