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The Unexpected Joys of Bathing

The Unexpected Joys of Bathing

The Unexpected Joys of Bathing

 The bathroom is a personal space, one that has the possibility of offering more value to your life and day (other than being clean, that is). It’s a place to wash away your troubles, and soothe the senses. To help you make bathing a source of daily pleasure and self care, below are some thoughts on making the most out of bathing:

 The Unexpected Joys of Bathing


Let bathing be all about you

A bath is a time for you to rejuvenate, an opportunity to shift your mood. Whether you’re in a sullen mood or tired, it has the power to heal. Step into your bathroom, leave your phone outside, light some candles and forget that the world outside exists. This is you time. Let go of all your worries and thoughts and just take care of your body.

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The Unexpected Joys of Bathing


Fluff it up

There’s nothing like a clean, dry and fluffy towel waiting for you at the end of a bath. Himêya’s range of organic cotton towels are naturally finished, avoiding additional chemical treatment that could enter your pores.

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Cold showers work in mysterious ways

This may be an unexpected way to start one’s day, but cold showers have been proven to increase blood flow, release dopamine into the body, improve productivity and burn unhealthy fats. So give it a try the next time you’re feeling low! Our advice: don’t overthink it, just step in.


 The Unexpected Joys of Bathing

Research your way to good health

It’s always nice to re-examine the products one is using on the body, especially since many nowadays contain chemicals that leech into the skin. Add a few seconds to your bath routine and read the label. Understand what works for your skin and hair type. Avoid products with parabens and phthlates. Chemical cleaners for the bathroom can be forgone for vinegar and water – a mix of the two goes a long way!

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The Unexpected Joys of Bathing


Let your bath carry you through the day

When you’re done with your bath, don’t immediately return to the business of life. Instead, let its effects linger a little. Pause. Take a few deep breaths. If you fancy a cup of tea or a fresh juice, make yourself some. Play music to soothe those nerves. Acknowledge this time as a meditative moment, and you will start looking forward to bathing like never before.

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 Happy bathing!