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To Love, Light & Less!

To Love, Light & Less!

To Love, Light & Less!


As our favourite time of year approaches, we’re looking forward to a festive refresh. The scale of events might be altered this season – yet – in a year of uncertainty, the need for spiritual light to shine through is ever present. 

We’ve put some thought into how we’d like to celebrate the five happy days that make up Diwali. In sharing them here, we hope they inspire Love, Light & Less!



As friends and family gather, we show our love for each other through wishes, gifts and a lavish meal. If you’re on the lookout for a gift that’s apt for the moment, might we suggest something for the home? Investing in quality, style and comfort matters infinitely more as we aim to strike that balance between work and play at home.

Proposing lightness, Vitamin-D is Himêya’s new collection for bed, bath and home offering vibrant hues, lightweight textures and patterns. While sustainable bedding could be a generous treat for yourself, partner and kids, our new bath linen is ideal to wish good fortune upon friends and relatives. Colourful, multi-purpose and suitable for daily use, our range of bath, pool, kitchen and hand towels are little gifts that keep on giving.




Diyas and rangolis continue the bright spell of tradition but currently enlightening us is Lily Cole’s book Who Cares Wins: Reasons For Optimism in Our Changing World. This bold call for action on climate change is hope for those justifiably concerned over excessive carbon emissions, deforestation, industrial-scale farming and waste plastic.

Cole insists we should be optimistic. “We still have time and the ability to connect to experts and policy-makers across the planet,” she says.

“We also each have our own power to participate in the future we want to write and the present we want to occupy.”1

Not exactly light reading, but highly recommended for showing us the light!



The triumph of good over evil plays out through different ritualistic beliefs across the country. North or south, what matters most, is that this new year in the Hindu calendar invites positive energy into our homes and lives. Through decluttering, white washing or donating the old to make way for new, the opportunity to begin fresh habits could manifest physically, mentally and spiritually. 

To take a cue from other lands, in Why Denmark is the Happiest Country, Oprah Winfrey gathers insight into Danish life when she visits Denmark’s capital Copenhagen. She speaks to locals and experts, trying to understand why the country regularly tops the Happiness Report rankings. Comparing the lives of the Danes she meets with those of her fellow Americans, she discovers that spending time with loved ones is more important (to the Danes) than owning a big house full of stuff. Or as one of the people she meets puts it: Small space. Fewer things. More life. 

Watch it on YouTube, and remember that the key is to challenge your perspective by learning the art of essentialism i.e. doing more with less.

A very Happy Diwali from Himêya! Be well and safe.


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