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How To Bring Fall Home

How To Bring Fall Home

How To Bring Fall Home


A crisp new season is starting, leaves are turning, and summer has sung its last hurrah. The arrival of fall marks a symbolic end and beginning, a chance for fresh habits to set in before the holidays roll around. The drop in temperatures also offers the opportunity to make your home an inviting refuge to nest. The beauty of fall decor accents is that they can be quite versatile year round if you choose discerningly. 


The smallest of edits can go a long way. A new throw pillow here, a patterned bedspread there… Even a striking coat of paint could be all you need to reinvigorate your home:



“Design is coming to grips with one’s real lifestyle, one’s real place in the world. Rooms should not be put together for show but to nourish one’s well being.”

― Albert Hadley






1. Utilise calming, clarifying colours  
Out of all the places in your home, your bedroom is a space for peace. Soft palettes — white, soft grey, blush pink, cream and blue can put you at ease instantaneously. They are thought to be effective in helping one fall asleep faster.


    2. Construct a cosy reading nook  Quilted dohars, soft cushions and throw pillows are great staples to furnish your living room. Don’t be fooled by appearance: pick textures that are above all the most comfortable. A dramatic pattern will make a statement against the solid hues of your walls.


    Mounting modular storage shelves for your books, a table or even stacking them neatly on the floor completes your home library.





    3. Natural elements  An expert homemaker carries detail through to every corner. We recommend bringing seasonal touches to your powder room with natural elements from the garden. Leaves and dried flowers have laid back appeal. Placing a vase of pampas or berry branches near your sink can liven up small spaces.


    PRO TIP Use a complementary colour scheme for your arrangement and other accessories like face, hand and bath towels.


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    4. Make it decadent and delicious  Nothing ties it all together better than a warm hearth to enjoy moments of solitude or shared family fun. Cooking is a prime activity and a well-lit kitchen equipped with chopping boards, utensils and uncluttered surfaces allows for it to be a collective effort. Recipes are heirlooms passed down through generations but here’s one, courtesy Bon Appétit, with a spicy twist to carry you through chilly nights in:


    Photography by Alex Lau, Bon Appétit



    Instead of vanilla extract for this Mexican hot chocolate recipe, try almond extract if you’ve got it handy, which adds even more depth of flavour. 


    4 Servings

    3 cups whole milk

    3 tablespoons crushed cinnamon sticks (preferably Ceylon)

    6 ounces semisweet chocolate (preferably Scharffen Berger), finely chopped

    3 tablespoons demerara or granulated sugar

    ¾ teaspoon vanilla extract

    Pinch of kosher salt

    ¼ teaspoon ground chile de árbol or cayenne pepper, plus more for serving

    Lightly sweetened whipped cream (for serving)


    Step 1

    Bring milk and cinnamon to a simmer in a medium saucepan over medium-low heat, whisking occasionally and making sure milk doesn’t boil, until cinnamon is floral and fragrant, about 10 minutes. Whisk in chocolate, sugar, vanilla, salt, and ¼ tsp. ground chile and cook, whisking frequently, until mixture is smooth and creamy and chocolate is melted, about 5 minutes.

    Step 2

    Divide hot chocolate among mugs. Top with whipped cream and dust with cocoa powder.