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The Art Of Conscious Gifting

The Art Of Conscious Gifting

The Art Of Conscious Gifting


It’s that time of year where spirits run high and celebrations are in order. Good food, great company and the act of gifting makes the festive season all the more memorable. 


Exchanging gifts is a tradition that should be pleasurable rather than stressful. If you think about it, it is one of the most tangible ways we can express our gratitude and appreciation for close ones. But don’t let the pressure get to you. 


Besides, we have more complex factors to consider these days. Have you ever thought about how the act of gift giving can impact our environment? All that pretty wrapping paper and boxing ends up in landfills with a direct detrimental impact on our planet. Similarly, certain gifts we give or receive may be one-time use or not recyclable. 


This season, we’d like to show you how to become a conscious and sustainable gifter who makes a difference to our environment. Are you with us?




Sustainable Gifting: What Is It?

Sustainable gifting aims to minimise resources and instead use natural, biodegradable and reusable materials or upcycle those that have already been used. Sustainable gifting helps one reduce waste and embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Gifting creates a million tons of waste and it is claimed that half of it ends up in landfills. Paper with coatings, glitter, foil, bows, etc. are generally not recyclable which is why the need for sustainable gifting.




The Himêya Way: A Mindset Above All


Our philosophy since inception has been, ‘To Do More With Less’. When it comes to gifting, we feel no different. In creating our bath and bed essentials, the approach has always been zero waste. Our products make great gifts because they are ethically sourced and consciously manufactured.



Towels: Colourful & Practical


Multipurpose, perfectly priced and sized, towels are the ultimate gifts for acquaintances, kids, hosts, relatives and friends. Kitchen, hand, and bath towels are available individually and in bundles depending on your budget and scope of the gesture. They’re the kind of multi-purpose present that brightens one's day by serving a practical end whilst enhancing one’s daily routine with a long-lasting, essential luxury.


Our Lush Spa Towels are extremely soft, absorbent and made with 100% BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) cotton. They come in an eclectic range of hues which you can customise to suit the receiver’s personality.




Bed Linen: Meaningful & Memorable

Great bedding is so much more than appearance alone. Giving someone high quality sheets crafted with breathable, non-chemical and hypoallergenic fabrics that are better for your health says a lot about how much you care. It also says that you care that they are happy and well-rested. 


Interpreting hues and patterns that perfectly match one’s decor signifies how well you know them, making for a truly meaningful gift. A gorgeous bedding set is ideal for an immediate family member or significant other.


Case in point, our Vintage Indigo Comfort Percale Stitch Fields Sheet Set brings back the joy of making one’s bed every morning.




Wrapping The Better Way

Gifts are typically wrapped with paper that is ripped open in seconds just to end up in the dustbin. 

We believe in going the extra mile with sustainable measures that are forever evolving. Our eco-friendly packaging is made with 100% natural-neutral cotton fabric, embellished with our signature cotton bud. As a perfect reuse-repurpose solution, it is elegant and natural with inserts made from 100% recycled FSC certified paper.




Homepage & Article banner: Photography by Pfüderi