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In Bed With… Dr. Chytra

In Bed With… Dr. Chytra

In Bed With… Dr. Chytra


Since its inception in 2005, Kosmoderma Skin Hair body Clinic has grown to become one of India’s leading and best. An evening shared between its Founder & CEO, Dr. Chytra Anand, and our own was instrumental in sensing the magic and grit that drives her vision. 

An expert on all things beauty, our chat with the award winning celebrity cosmetic dermatologist left us more knowledgeable than we were before. And yet, what lingers long after is her heartfelt wisdom spanning body, mind and soul.


How is 2023 different for you?

2022 was definitely an activeor should I say hyperactiveyear? With the cloud of the pandemic behind me, I went into hyperdrive mode and took on numerous projects. It was definitely a satisfactory year overall.

In 2023, I see myself bringing more balance to my life without reducing the pace.




What gets you out of bed every morning?

The Sun :) It’s another day to explore, fulfil and cherish.


Your morning routine & daily breakfast?

My son comes to my room, wakes me up in the morning and snuggles with me before heading to school (this is the best way to wake up). I wake up, say my prayers, and freshen up, followed by:

  • Fresh coconut water and hot water with lemon
  • 5 almonds soaked overnight
  • Reading the newspaper (no phone)

After this, I work outdance fitness, kickboxing, or the stepper for 55 mins. My breakfast is eggs, poha or dosa with black coffee. And then I’m off to work.



 What do you believe has been key to creating a niche for yourself in the skincare and wellness space?

An open attitude to learning, sharing, collaborating… and always striving to be the best version of myself.


“I love beauty and all things associated with it. Mixing this up with my education as a dermatologist and a cosmetologist has enabled me to create a niche for myself.”


Also the lack of fear in experimenting and learning fast from my failures. This has been critical.



How would you describe your attitude towards stress? What are your coping mechanisms for a healthy work-life balance?

I am easy going as a personal attitude, love to laugh and chat… I am a talker…:) Stress, I break down into why, triggers, how to alleviate and work on them. Having a plan helps… In that moment, I have learnt not to be reactive, but to breathe and calm myself and then react after thought and deliberation.


“I also forget the bad, remember the good and move on with lessons. Learn fast, don't hold grudges.”


Now I am fairly disciplined. This helps balance life and I am good at delegating. I believe in people being good and giving them tasks to independently handle without hovering, which has worked out rather well most of the time.



What are some natural measures you take and recommend towards skin health?

  • Drink coconut water. It’s filled with electrolytes and helps with hydration of the skin and body. 
  • Work out regularly to keep the metabolism boosted. Post age 35, it is critical for women to keep boosting metabolism to keep up the energy levels and libido. 
  • Weekly oil massages to relax the body, mind and soul. This is especially important post the age of 40 years for women to help with hormones.


What is a key yet little known aspect of the work you do?

I mentor young women from the medical industry looking to start up in life and I am part of two NGOs:

  • A cleft palate ABMSS foundation, where we offer free end-to-end surgery and rehab for underprivileged kids with a cleft palate. 
  • Khushi Foundation for girl child education, where we work with schools to upskill teachers and help all the kids reach their potential by unlocking their natural gifts.




    What about Himêya resonates with you most, and why?

    The details and the superior quality. The products are made ethically with the highest intent and I love this.


    “The feel and the softness of the fabric is amazing. The towels are lush and feel so good, making the after bath experience luxurious.”


    How did you approach the design of your personal space? What are its defining elements?

    I love colour, vibrancy, beauty and modern elements. My approach was to blend comfort with aesthetics and warmth. My husband and I made a mood board and then collected the items for our home and put them together ourselves. 



    A perfect Sunday...

    Waking up leisurely, lazing in PJs till mid noon with my family followed by a home cooked meal, board games and Xbox with my son, a book and some rosé from Provence. I love staying home on Sundays and ideally don't wish to go out.


    Favourite bedroom feature? What's one pet peeve you have when it comes to your bedroom?

    I love that my bedroom flows into our private sitout space with a garden. There’s nothing like a garden with flowers to tickle all the senses.


    “I like things in place and in an orderly fashion. So for me, structure in the bedroom is importantI don't like clutter. My brain feels free when my bedroom is free of clutter.”



    Having lived and travelled across different parts of the world, how has the idea of home evolved for you?

    Home is where my family is… I am not attached to a place per se but rather to the people.

    Having said that, now that I have a 6-year-old son, parts of his life and growth cycle are precious memories tied into our home. To this home, there is an attachment of sentimental value. It's not a question of material possession but the value of emotions and memories madeand being madeand our life being built.


    All images courtesy Ankit Singh