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How Sustainable Is Your New Year Reset?

How Sustainable Is Your New Year Reset?

How Sustainable Is Your New Year Reset?


Though just last month we were (over)indulging in life’s pleasures, many of us vowed, “New year, new you” as the clock struck twelve. But now that January’s here, we might be feeling the weight of our plans and promises. 

The new year undoubtedly brings a desire for structure. Yet, in the midst of new gym memberships and to-do list apps, we forget that a life well lived strives for a balance between structure and spontaneity. You don’t have to throw everything old away. You don’t have to focus entirely on the new. 

Here are some links and tools to help you hit ‘reset’ with a spring in your step towards lasting change:


1. 4 Practices for Hopefulness in the New Year via Esther Perel

“Hope is the alchemy that turns a life around,” says psychotherapist and grief expert Julia Samuel. “It isn’t just a feeling; it is a realistic plan—and a plan B supported by the belief that you can make it happen.” The challenge, of course, is actually doing the plan. Read more to learn how.


2. Building a Second Brain: An Interview with Tiego Forte

Tiago Forte is one of the leading voices in the Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) movement. For the past 6 years or so, he's taught how to implement PKM through his course Building a Second Brain. BASB is one of—if not the—most formalised approach to implementing PKM into our lives. In 2022, Tiago released his book, which shows readers how to build their own second brain. Read more before you register or buy the book.


3. The Bullet Journal Method

As a child and well into your teens, perhaps you kept a diary hidden under your pillow. It was a safe space to confess and chronicle your biggest fears, struggles, joys and hopes. Putting them down on paper (and relieving them from your mind) was akin to therapy. 

As adults, we worry whether we have the time for this type of practice. Yet in 2018, Ryder Carroll’s New York Times bestseller confirmed that there is a whole community willing to make the time (his book is now available in 25 languages.) Learn more about the BuJo method: “a mindfulness practice disguised as a productivity system”.


Two journaling starter questions for 2023:

What area of your life could use more structure? 
What area of your life could use more spontaneity?


4. Natalie Walton’s Starter Kit To Simplify Your Home & Life

We love Bondi Beach resident Natalie Walton’s approach to all things home so much that we signed up for her 7-Day reset this January. Her Linktree profile has grown to include an abundance of resources––many of which are free and available to download. The easiest way to keep track of her house-friendly tips? Sign up to her newsletter for weekly insights and inspiration.


Clutter is nothing but postponed decisions.


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