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In Bed With... Gautam Sinha

In Bed With... Gautam Sinha

In Bed With... Gautam Sinha


All we admire about Nappa Dori is inherent in its Founder and Creative Director, Gautam Sinha. Passionate yet precise, he embodies the brand in a way that only one who gives his very all can. 

His success is evident in the brand’s diversification and presence in over 20 countries, yet this modern day nomad shows no signs of slowing down. Below, he shares his evolving idea of home and that which drives him to keep going:


What kind of energy are you bringing into 2022?
Optimism and positivity - two things that have been missing for a while. The year and decade ahead is going to be great as we gear up towards The Raging 2020s.


Most mornings begin with...
Coffee. Always coffee.




Are you a night owl or an early bird?
In my head, I'm an early bird. But I'm definitely a night owl.


Defining elements of Nappa Dori's impressive trajectory have been craftsmanship and consistency. Did you start out trying to make a mark or prove a point?
I started out to make a living. I was quite lost at that time and it was important to cover my basics. 


Do you now feel a sense of accomplishment?
It’s a process. I don't think I could ever feel that in totality because then I wouldn’t do my best work. It’s a constant process and evolution and I’m happy to evolve every time.



What inspires you to keep going?
I’m paranoid because I feel we need to be two steps ahead of the curve. I just like to be on it constantly.


I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing, but in terms of product, our stores and how we represent ourselves, I want to be the outlier.”


Having lived and travelled across different parts of the world, how has the idea of home evolved for you?
Strange because I had this conversation with someone yesterday, and I think I’m a modern day nomad. For the simple fact that I more or less live in three different cities – Delhi, London, Dubai – where we have our stores.


My comfort zone is having my little nest wherever I am, along with the objects that make me feel at home.”


A change of clothes, coffee, books that I read – I have the same set of things in all three cities and it brings some kind of normalcy. Coming back to my bed in Delhi gives me a sense of familiarity because it is my first home and I truly feel at ease.


Key design influences? That has shaped Nappa Dori and you…
They are definitely not people or individuals, but places and moments. I’m very influenced by the environment I’m in. Travel has subconsciously drawn me towards a cleaner aesthetic which reflects in our product. Mainly the Nordics: Denmark, Norway, Finland… It's an aesthetic that I like a lot. And obviously, India most of all. I am a proud Indian and I’m trying to do my part to bring Indian minimalism to the forefront.



How often do you feel the urge to change, experiment or edit your home? What are heritage possessions you will likely enjoy forever?
Decluttering is something that I am working on. I’ve thrown away a lot of things in the last year and a half because I’m trying to live as minimally as possible. But of course, I have possessions from across the world that I am emotionally tied up with.

The aesthetic of Nappa Dori’s stores is shifting towards more of a 60s Mad Men vibe. It is reflected in the way I live and the design of my home as well. You will notice it in our decor as well – the fully cladded wooden walls and warmer hues. I think it’s a stronger evolution for us and a newer avatar going forward. A lot more serious and understated but with a touch of nostalgia.


What about Himêya resonates with you most, and why?
Simplicity. It feels relatable upon first glance. You know that you can have it in your home. It doesn’t matter what kind of house you have, it seems to fit all forms. That is something I appreciate especially in home furnishings and daily necessities because you have the most intimate relationship with them.


Featured | Discover our quilts, dohars & blankets


I have been eyeing the quilts. I can see them in my house because they would feel like second skin in the environment I have created for myself. I like my quilt next to my TV when I unwind at home so it’s been on my bucket list.”



A perfect Sunday...
Being on Zoom calls.


An experience you have enjoyed lately…
A hole-in-the-wall ramen restaurant in Dubai. It was satisfying partly because of how difficult it is to find them here.


Favourite nightcap?
A tub of Häagen-Dazs. Strawberry cheesecake flavour.


Success and rest go hand in hand. Your tip for work-life balance?
I have none, to be honest. Sorry, that's the bottom line. I don't have any.