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The Case For Conscious Bath & Bedding

The Case For Conscious Bath & Bedding

The Case For Conscious Bath & Bedding


Himêya’s raison d'être emerged from our quest To Do More With Less. Since the brand’s inception, every choice we make has passed the litmus test of, “How can we do better?” 

Through thoughtful design and considered interventions, our goal has been to transfer these savings to our planet and our learnings to you–our community. Himêya is truly an invitation to Rest Better. Be Better. Live Better.

As winter gives way to spring, there is no better time for new beginnings. Below, we show you how and why:




Our linen does not contain harsh chemicals and synthetic dyes. Their natural composition makes them especially suited to those with sensitive skin and related issues. We’ve additionally opted for our sheeting to have a plant seed oil based natural finish. It helps the fabric to absorb sweat, wick moisture away and dry faster.


“Compared to standard crude oil based wicking finishes, it has a significantly, up to 8 times, lower carbon footprint and is highly biodegradable.”


Cultivating regular cotton utilises tons of chemical pesticides. It should come as no surprise that these contain toxic chemicals that can lead to health issues that affect one’s immune system. On an environmental level, the impacts of parasitism, disease, climate change, improper use of pesticides, urbanisation and extreme monocropping have all been amplified by the elimination of habitat. Read more about Bowles Farming Company, our partners in California’s San Joaquin Valley, who go above and beyond in their efforts towards conservation and recovery.


“By investing in conscious brands, you can not only reduce your footprint but participate in a larger industry shift that can have immense global impact.”




“The earth is the only thing we have in common,” said environmental activist and novelist, Wendell Berry. And to distil it further into perspective, we have only one to share. It is becoming increasingly difficult to not hold ourselves accountable for our choices and a key performance indicator for us is the amount of resources we use to produce our collections. We implement a revolutionary Track & Trace technology towards ethical sourcing and drip irrigation in our farms which conserves water consumption by 40-50%. We aim to be as zero waste as possible.


“From spinning to weaving, dyeing, processing and finishing, Our Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) ETP plant ensures recycling of 99.1% of the water used in our manufacturing.”


To close the loop, our eco-friendly packaging is made with 100% natural-neutral cotton, a reuse-repurpose solution that is elegant and sustainable.



The beauty of our materials lies in their breathability and temperature regulation. What this corroborates with is that bedtime is bound to be pleasant. Bedding in which one feels neither too hot nor too cold is a recipe for your sweetest dreams. What’s more, our fabrics get softer and lovelier with every wash.

Sustainability starts with the intent of creation itself–the message is carried both aesthetically and intrinsically. The concept can sound complex, but is simple to define. If there is a feeling of creating with care attached to the narrative, the process naturally flows in this direction. We are fortunate to have an evolved and conscious supply chain that supports our intent strongly and holistically. It gives us a platform to experiment with creations that have a strong sustainable quotient–right from the raw material to the processes adopted in manufacturing all the way to the end product.