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The Role Of Colour Psychology In Your Bedroom

The Role Of Colour Psychology In Your Bedroom

The Role Of Colour Psychology In Your Bedroom


If home is where the heart is, then our bedrooms are headquarters – sacred spots where we truly feel ourselves. As a sanctuary and refuge, it is undoubtedly a safe zone whose calm can cradle you on your worst days. What we love most is the freedom for self-expression: as an empty canvas that you can bring to life in the manner you desire.

Have you thought much about the role of colour psychology in your bedroom? It should come as no surprise that 2022 is a year where colour trends reflect the need to make personal spaces comfier and more cocooning. “Consumers are craving stability now more than ever," says Andrea Magno, director of colour marketing and development at Benjamin Moore.

This is a powerful tool used by interior designers to evoke emotion. While selecting, it is vital to know what kind of environment you want to create throughout. We’re here to help with the softer aspect of furnishings lest you forget that your master bed is unequivocally the best seat in the house:




"We’re seeing homeowners lean toward engaging hues that are reminiscent of the outdoors. Calm hues and nature-based colours provide balance and a breath of fresh air in your space," says Erika Woelfel, vice president of colour and creative services at Behr.

When it comes to the aesthetics of something as personal as your room, the colour you choose says a lot about you. Your preference not only reveals but also influences much about you and your nature.





Greys are known to signify intelligence and discipline. It is a colour that will make you feel focused and composed. Mixing it with complementary or contrasting tones can make your space more inviting.

Black is a bold move: it shows elegance as well as sophistication. Because it creates such a dark effect, it can help induce great sleep, and on a subliminal note, make you feel powerful.

If you’re hoping for a clean and refreshing environment, shades of white are your best bet. Soothing sheets radiate peace, and brighter decor accents can make it pop. Our True Square White Sands sheet set is a match made in heaven.





What kind of energy are you inviting into your life? If you’ve been lethargic and scattered of late, what you might be missing is a boost of passion and vitality. Let our Vitamin D collection come to your rescue. 

Deep shades of red represent love, fire and daring. Demanding attention, it is a colour that is almost impossible to ignore, lending a dynamic that is consistent with extroversion. Our Clay Red Shivalik sheet set provides just the right temperature and mood.





If you’re thinking of cool hues, tranquillity is likely your mindspace. Perhaps you’d like to recreate the lilt of ocean spray or the herbal essence that a spruce of lavender denotes. Shades of blue tend to imply a sense of confidence and stability. 

Purples, headed by Veri Peri, Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2022, are associated with a wealth of emotions. A hint of violet channels peace, creativity and nobility. Though purple in a living space may be linked with the feminine, darker shades can be incredibly masculine. Our Vintage Indigo duvet is a princely candidate to compliment the cool in your bedroom,





For a colour that stimulates the mind, stay green. We adore the subtle nod to lying on open grass, and its pleasant dual composition of invigorating blue and the positivity of yellow.

A gentle sage can immediately transport you to a secret garden and the unparalleled quality of being one with nature. Try our Fogstone Green fitted sheets for size.