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The Green Holiday Gift Guide

The Green Holiday Gift Guide

The Green Holiday Gift Guide


Holiday season is here and we are building up to well-deserved warmth and relaxation. Bright lights, snow and Christmas, for those who celebrate, makes for the most magical time filled with joy and gratitude. 

And who doesn’t love to exchange gifts? Decorating our homes and what’s under our tree accounts for that extra holiday sparkle. But this spread of joy comes at the cost of a disastrous production of waste each year.

Ornaments, wrapping paper, Christmas trees, plastic and more pile up to be thrown away. The good news? There are alternative ways to spread love that are more sustainable too.



The way you spend Christmas is way more important than how much.

Henry David Thoreau


Our Green Holiday Gift Guide is here to help:



MINDFUL DECORATION  No Christmas is complete without decorating your home for that festive feeling. Part of the beauty of Christmas is bringing the family together to commemorate the season with pretty ornaments. Instead of buying them, why not DIY?

You can use old paper bags, wrapping paper or even newspaper to create crafty wall hangings and sculptures. These present a rustic aesthetic which only adds to the charm.




Credit:  Treehugger


RENT A TREE  As a child, one associates Christmas with Santa and his reindeers hiding presents under a tall fir or spruce. The hoopla around decorating a Christmas tree is like few others. Buying an artificial tree uses so many materials and just isn’t as sustainable as a real one. Renting a tree and returning it to the farm it was bought from ensures that the tree is re-planted. This is less resource-intensive and therefore great for the environment.




GIFT SUSTAINABLY  Another aspect of what makes Christmas merry is the exchanging of gifts. But why not add more thought and meaning via conscious gifting?

At Himêya, our philosophy is simple: Do more with less. We pride ourselves on being good for the environment through ethically sourcing and zero-waste manufacturing. 

As temperatures drop, snuggling under a warm duvet seems like a perfect thing to do. Our vast range of bath and bedding will leave you spoiled for choice of gift to give to make your loved ones feel truly cared for.

More on the Art of Conscious Gifting here.





At Himêya, we believe in going the extra mile with sustainable measures that are forever evolving. Our eco-friendly packaging is made with 100% natural-neutral cotton fabric, embellished with our signature cotton bud. As a perfect reuse-repurpose solution, it is elegant and natural with inserts made from 100% recycled FSC certified paper.


EXPERIENCES MAKE MEMORIES  If you’re looking for an alternative to tangibles, consider gifting someone an experience. This zero packaging option comes with excitement that will be cherished forever.

A weekend away, a meal at a coveted restaurant or an outdoor adventure are thoughtful options. Customise it to your friends’ or family’s interests and you know you have a winner.





WHEREVER POSSIBLE, REUSE  Holiday waste generated is a nightmare. We all tend to rip gifts open and throw away wrapping paper, ribbons and bows. Of course gifting is what makes Christmas merry, but perhaps it’s time to reconsider what you do once they’re open.

Instead of discarding them in the trash, reuse the wrapping whilst giving someone else a gift. 

Or better yet, why don’t you wrap your gift in a material that serves a different purpose, like cloth?

The same could be said for decor and ornaments. Why throw them away when you can use them again next year, pass them down for generations to come and so on? Here’s to the holidays and gifts that make Earth a little lighter and brighter!