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What’s Hot On Our Sustainability Checklist!

What’s Hot On Our Sustainability Checklist!

What’s Hot On Our Sustainability Checklist!


Living more sustainably isn’t a hippy thing, it’s a survival thing. We can't all relocate to Mars so why don't we try to live a more Earth-conscious life instead? It's easier than you think.

Our checklist below breaks down all we’re currently doing, watching, listening … well, consuming but in a conscious way. Scroll through and share it with your family and friends: the more we come together on adopting best practices, the larger the difference we can make.


Sustainability: What it really entails 

Sustainability is the ability to maintain a certain level of environmental, economic, and social conditions indefinitely. Sustainable Development Goals are implemented annually to work towards these conditions being met without damaging or depleting the resources that future generations will need.





What you can do 

As the need for a sustainable lifestyle becomes more evident, there are standard ways to participate: go plastic free, save water, plant more trees and so on. 

While all these are crucial, our list hopes to open your eyes to practices that inform every major touchpoint of our consumption habits. Remember: Living better requires sustainable (i.e. long term) change rather than a crash diet approach. Here’s how you can slowly but surely bring change to your lifestyle: 





WATCH   Documentaries are a fun way to educate yourself. The best part is that you can curl up under your blanket with a warm beverage as you get real with the facts.

Down to Earth is an entertaining and humbling web series in which actor Zac Efron travels around the world with wellness expert Darin Olien to find healthy, sustainable ways to live. 

P.S.   If you are a docu-novice, 5 Must Watch Conscious Documentaries from our journal archives has you covered.



Credit:  October Books



READ   Reading has always been a medium to enlighten oneself. It is a great way to be more empathetic and culturally sensitive, so why should it be any different when it comes to factual, life changing information? Our top recent read has to be No More Rubbish Excuses: How to Reduce Your Waste and why You Must Do it Now by Martin Dorey.

This book so cleverly sheds light on a modern day problem: the need to reduce our plastic consumption. Better yet, it teaches us 50 effective ways to solve the same problem. We love that it truly helps us understand how small steps can make a huge difference.

Additionally, you may want to give these a try:





SHOP   Buying better isn’t limited to fashion. Every purchase can be more conscious. 

In India, For Earth’s Sake is one such physical and digital store that aims to reduce single-use plastic items and provide zero waste alternatives from household items to personal care. 

Secondhand or thrift shopping can also be a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Scoring vintage, one-of-a-kind denim from online stores like Zinnia’s makes the prospect similar to the thrill of a treasure hunt.

Similarly, Himêya strives to be more than a bedding and bath brand — it is a lifestyle that reminds us to remain grounded, to cherish and respect each other, and our planet.



The soul and spirit of Himêya is about living with less, to find more; to discover balance in our everyday.



FOLLOW   Progress is better than perfection, and living intentionally is a lifelong journey. Thankfully, we now have our social media influencers who make it easier for us to take the right steps. Check out Kathryn Kellogg’s page going. zero. waste for insightful, informative and simple tips.

Jhánneu, EcoAge and Besma are amongst many accounts that merit our support.





USE   Technology plays a paramount role in all our lives. Most of our daily activities require tech so why not use it to live a more mindful life?

Good on you is a mobile app and website that offers brand ratings, articles, and expertise on ethical and sustainable fashion to learn more about the industry’s impact on people and the planet. It's an excellent way to discover new sustainable and ethical fashion brands.



Credit:  Lily Cole



LISTEN   It’s no secret that podcasts are having a moment and perhaps it’s because you can pay attention while driving, cooking, exercising or even walking your dog. We recommend choosing ones that are most conscious of your time. 

Who cares win with Lily Cole is one such worthy mention created by the model and activist who has spent nearly 20 years exploring different environmental and social solutions around the world. She has discovered amazing ideas in the process, which she seeks to share here. 

Some others that we like: