• The Colours of Freedom

    The Colours of Freedom

    The Colours of Freedom   “Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity,” said Herbert Hoover, America’s 31st president. Or as B.R. Ambedkar put it, “Freedom of the mind is real freedom.” We live in times where the concept of freedom has largely moved away from a physical barrier into the realm of the psychological,...
  • To Mom with Love

    To Mom with Love

    To Mom with Love   “It is true I was created in you. It is also true That you were created for me.”   Maya Angelou’s poem Mother, A Cradle To Hold Me opens with a stanza that hits home for mothers and children in the way that only this truly special bond can. No matter how complex life is, an undeniable and central part of...
  • An Ode To Simplicity

    An Ode To Simplicity

    An Ode to Simplicity   Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” From a polymath and Renaissance Man who was equal parts artist, inventor and scientist, these are not words to be taken lightly.  What we love about his words is that they do not deny complexity. Instead, they allude to the sentiment that in a world that is anything but,...
  • 10 Things We Love: The V-Day Edit

    10 Things We Love: The V-Day Edit

    10 Things We Love: The V-Day Edit   We say it all the time—the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our life. While, on Valentine’s Day, we usually equate this with a significant other, what we really refer to is an all-year-round activity. The art and practice of cultivating pleasure for its own sake. Of bringing the qualities of vitality, adventure, playfulness...
  • An Ode to Summer

    An Ode to Summer

    An Ode To Summer   “Live in the summer. Swim in the sea. Drink in the wild air,” Ralph Waldo Emerson once said. Known as Sumor in Old English, we’ve arrived at the season of basking under a warm sun and revelling in the much-needed vacation we’ve all longed for. Making time to gather together, travel and enjoy ourselves more (perhaps work less) defines the...
  • An Ode To Romance

    An Ode To Romance

    An Ode To Romance   Love, in all its manifestations and messiness, is a fascinating subject. So much so that we, as humans, navigate it through art that imitates life in our attempts to demystify the relationships that connect us. As Valentine’s Day draws near, reminders are everywhere. Whether or not you’re seeking a deeper connection with a loved one or yourself, let these...
  • An Ode to Winter

    An Ode to Winter

    When that first winter breeze blows through the trees you can feel the magic in the air.Chilly weather has an inimitable way of bringing people together: we yearn for warmth, love, and connection, and the holidays deliver with big family meals, gifts of gratitude, and a purposeful slowing down of time to enjoy it all.
  • The Landscape Of Dreams

    The Landscape Of Dreams

    Universal to the human experience is the language of dreams; they bring a sense of purpose and signify what we as individuals believe to be valuable.
  • What It Means To Be Free

    What It Means To Be Free

    Freedom. A seven-letter word that means different things to different people. Whether we dress and act in certain ways, travel to far-flung destinations, identify as a night owl or an early bird, freedom exists in every choice we make. The liberty to lead the life we want, to speak the language we choose. As India’s 75th year of independence dawns, we dream on through...
  • Around the World with Akanksha Himatsingka

    Around the World with Akanksha Himatsingka

    Whether daydreaming from home or seeking new experiences with the eased restrictions, we’re keeping our imaginations bright and alive. August begins with travel memories from Himêya’s CEO & Creative Director, Akanksha Himatsingka. Through her literary, music, design recommendations and inspirations, we invite you for a mini trip across the world…
  • An Ode to Spring

    An Ode to Spring

    An Ode to Spring Succeeding winter and preceding summer, Spring is one of four temperate seasons, with various technical definitions. Its occurrence interchanges between the North and Southern Hemisphere, and differs according to local climate, cultures and customs. What we can universally agree on is that this time symbolizes rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth. Our curation of art, design, film and poetry explores this...
  • To 2020: A Year of Hidden Blessings!

    To 2020: A Year of Hidden Blessings!

    To 2020: A Year of Hidden Blessings!   Like many of you, I started this January – the first of a new decade – with great expectations. By March, things had started to look very different. Amidst the uncertainty and grappling with entirely novel circumstances, Himêya responded to the urge to slow down and recalibrate. Looking back on 2020, it’s been a year of hidden...
  • In Search of Sunshine

    In Search of Sunshine

    In Search of Sunshine A fact we always knew, but have felt with certainty this year, is the value of sunshine in our days. Eternal source of energy through warmth, light and life, we’ve equally come to appreciate its role as clock and truth teller, indicating when it’s time to unwind, rest and recover. Little wonder that sunlight has inspired everything from art and...
  • An Ode To Monsoon

    An Ode To Monsoon

    An Ode to Monsoon The term ‘Monsoon’ was first used in English in British India and neighbouring countries to refer to the big seasonal winds blowing from the Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea, bringing heavy rainfall to the area.  Today, it’s come to symbolize much more: a blessing, of course for fertility and cultivation, but equally a sensation that embraces daydreams, clarifies a mood,...
  • The Year That Was: To 2019, With Love!

    The Year That Was: To 2019, With Love!

    The Year That Was: To 2019, With Love! Eventful to say the least, this year has been about burning the midnight oil towards a vision for Himêya and trusting the process along the way. It’s been a worthwhile challenge of finding a fulfilling balance between work and play. 
  • An Ode to Fall

    An Ode to Fall

    An Ode to Fall The leaves are turning, and there’s a nip in the air. With the arrival of fall comes the feeling of change: a gradual transition into winter and the close of another year. Shorter days and longer nights, for us, means time for introspection and rest in between social markers of the season. Yet, like for many a poet, artist and...
  • Sounds of Himêya – Volume I

    Sounds of Himêya – Volume I

    Sounds of Himêya – Volume I An original soundtrack: to sleep, live and be better. Listen/Buy Spotify Apple Music iTunes Arise Sweet sunlight, morning freshness. Spirits lifted. Preview Composed by Jeevan Antony Vocals, Synthesizer, Bells, Bass Jeevan Antony Cloudless Water flows amidst clear skies.An uncluttered mind connects to a heart filled with song. Preview Vocals, Strings, Bass, Synthesizer Jeevan Antony Piano, Bells Mathew Antony...
  • Hot Baths Across the World

    Hot Baths Across the World

    Hot baths across the world For centuries, water has been seen as the elixir of life, and used in numerous therapies to rid the body and mind of ailments. References to the primordial connection between water and spirituality have existed since time itself. Across the world, the belief in holy water and sacred springs continues to hold sway. Reasons to take a dip vary...
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